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This site specializes in “Exercise and Healthy Eating”. Here you will get a free personal coach that will support your 2017 fitness and weight loss journey. Exercise and Healthy Eating is by far the best way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Though it may not be the most popular it truly is the golden ticket. There is no magic pill so commit to getting healthy this year the right way. Click here to get your free personal coach that will show you how to achieve your 2016 weight loss goals for free! My name is Sharon Schisler and my main goal is to help people live healthier lives by sharing fun, easy and healthy ways to stay fit and healthy. In this website you will find lots of tools to help you on your exercise and healthy eating journey. Like proven world class exercise programs, healthy recipes, Shakeology and informational blogs about healthy eating and fitness.
So who is Sharon Schisler? Well I am married and have 2 grown children. I live on the Outer Banks of NC where we have lots of beaches and some of the best fresh seafood in the world! I spend my days helping people with their  healthy eating and exercise through this blog.  have been a Team Beachbody coach since January 2007. I love helping people all over the country get healthy. Best yet my coaching and support services are free but I do get compensated when you buy Beachbody products from me! Here is my store so if you ever wanted to pick up that phone after seeing a Beachbody infomercial for P90X, Turbo Jam, Brazil Butt lift or one of our newest programs 21 Day Fix, Country Heat or Body Beast you are more than welcome to buy from me instead! There are many perks for buying from me verses directly from Beachbody like reduced shipping, extra workouts for most of our programs and a me for your free personal coach to help answer your questions. No purchase is necessary to receive my free coaching so click here to get started on the best you!
I personally have had ups and downs with fitness and eating healthy so I have lots of experience on what works and what doesn’t. It’s hard to stay on track and do what’s good for you. We are constantly being bombarded with TV images of unhealthy food that tastes great but how does it really make you feel afterword? I will be posting healthy and tasty recipes all of which I personally love. So check back often and you will find out new ideas for you to get on track and stay on track with your personal fitness and health goals. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. But first things first…a little back ground on how I got started on this healthy eating and workout journey.
About 7 years ago I was seeking a way to get fit. I had purchased an exercise DVD Slim in 6 a few years prior so I pulled that out to try again. “try again” a favorite term of mine…LOL…I thought to myself I need more than just a DVD so I went on line to get extra help and discovered Million Dollar Body and message boards that support people using Beachbody products. With the support of a Slim in 6 message board thread I was able to lose 26 lbs. and 13 inches in 6 weeks! I did another round and lost some more but soon reverted back to over eating and not exercising. This pattern continued for several years. I would start then stop for one reason or the other, the Holidays are coming, The Holidays are here, I have guests visiting, I hurt my foot and every other excuse you can think of has caused me to start and stop at least 10 times over the past 5 years doing various Beachbody workouts including Slim Series, P90X, Chalean Extreme (I did complete this one once) Rev Abs and Brazil Butt Lift to name a few. Sometimes I got through a full 30 days. Kidding aside I had the best intentions of completing the programs and staying on track but like most of the country I continued to yoyo. I hope posting my story will help me and others stay on track once and for all.
Now fast forward to Nov. 1, 2011 which signifies New Beginnings. I completed my first full round of P90X which will have taken me more than 90 days to finish, 106 days to be exact. Yes, I missed a few workouts, had a few extra rest days and didn’t eat or drink all the right stuff but I still had positive results. I lost 14 lbs. And lots of inches! Since then I have done the Ultimate Reset and learned so much about eating and eating habits. I did P90X on and off over the summer and will start a Tai Cheng and P90X hybrid mid September after I finish my second Ultimate Reset. Team Beachbody has help guide me to a better life style filled with better choices to keep me healthy. In this blog I will share those experiences and tips that I have learned and help you become a Healthier YOU! Nothing in life happens to a tee but we must keep going if we want to be successful and achieve our goals in life. I hope to educate, motivate and encourage you by posting my story and posting tips, recipes and information of getting and staying healthy with “Exercise and Healthy Eating”



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